Happy New Year 2024!

von Christian Kienzl

To all our esteemed clients, partners, and friends, we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous entrance into the New Year 2024! May it bring you a bounty of successful and exciting projects, activities, and a handful of positive resolutions!

At Ambertech Solutions, we are excited to offer you an early glimpse into what 2024 holds and how our roadmap is shaping up.

AI – The Central Theme:

Over the next few months, AI will be a pivotal focus and will significantly influence our portfolio. Our goal is to keep your business ahead in the competitive landscape with AI-powered tools, ensuring you are well-prepared for upcoming challenges.

Process Optimization:

We are committed to further enhancing process optimization through Operational Process Tooling. Our aim is to move current processes away from email and file storage to workflow-supported tools that make operational work more organized, faster, and, importantly, more transparent.

JIRAMAIL.com – Launching Our First Platform:

Tired of the hassles in sending emails to non-JIRA users from the cloud or server/data center? Jiramail.com is our solution - a user-friendly platform that simplifies sending emails to any recipient. Register now for our Beta program and be the first to experience it! https://jiramail.com

Partnerships in 2024:

The year 2024 promises two very exciting partnerships in the DMS Systems and Enterprise Service Bus domains. As soon as these are finalized, we will eagerly update you with the latest information.

As we look forward to these promising developments in 2024, we once again wish you a wonderful start to the year and a successful, thrilling journey through 2024.


Ing. Christian Kienzl MBA (CEO)

AmberTech Solutions