AmberTech Solutions and frends

von Christian Kienzl

AmberTech Solution and frends

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Frends, a leading brand in the IPaaS landscape. The name Frends is not derived from the English word "friends" but is an acronym for "Front End Dialing System", a revolutionary solution developed by the Finnish IT consulting company HiQ. Its original purpose was to connect gas stations across Finland via dial-up modems to a central system. Today, Frends represents much more: It is an integrated platform that meaningfully connects data from various systems such as ERP and CRM, thereby creating real value for our customers.

Frends is the answer to the modern requirement of efficiently connecting isolated data silos, thereby enabling new business models. Their software facilitates the connection of ERP and CRM systems with data from IoT devices, such as in solar parks, offering capabilities far beyond what traditional SAP integrators can provide. Through the use of low and no-code procedures, Frends can integrate existing applications and transform monolithic structures into microservices, laying the foundation for innovative new applications.

This partnership reinforces AmberTech Solutions in its endeavor to accompany and shape the digital transformation. With Frends by our side, we can offer our customers cutting-edge integration solutions that are both scalable and cost-effective. The licensing costs start at 200 euros per month, enabling companies of all sizes to benefit from this powerful platform.

Opting for Frends and AmberTech Solutions means choosing innovation, flexibility, and real added value. Together, we pave the way for future-oriented business models and strengthen the digital infrastructure of our customers. Welcome to the future of integration, welcome to AmberTech Solutions and Frends.